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  • اسهل طريقة للكتابة بالعربى
    هى انك تتعلم ازاى تستخدم الكى بورد العربى

    وزى ما اتعلمت تستخدم الكى بورد الإنجليزى بسرعة
    هتتعلم تكتب عربى بسرعة
    ويبئى انت كده بتعرف تكتب عربى وانجليزى
    وتبئى سريع فى الإتنين

    إنما لو هتستخدم برنامج زى
    يبئى عمرك ما هتعرف تكتب عربى
    وهتفضل طول عمرك محتاج اللى يكتب لك

    انا مش داخل علشان اعيب فى البرنامج
    البرنامج فكرته ظريفة
    لكن النتائج المترتبة على استخدامه هى اللى مش ظريفة

    والفكرة الخاصة بالبرنامج كانت موجودة قبل كده ومتطبقة
    وده اول تطبيق للفكرة دى

    قد يكون التطبيق مختلف
    وقد يكون اقل فى الدقة من

    لكن مش ده المهم

    المهم ان البرامج دى خطرها اكبر من نفعها

    هو اسبوع واحد تكتب عربى كتير وهتبئى مية مية
    ومش هتحتاج لحد يكتب لك يا نجم

    احنا عايزين تقنيات تصلح مشاكل الكتابة باللغة العربية اللى بتقابلنا واحنا على النت
    يعنى مثلاً محرر النصوص اللى بكتب فيه الموضوع دلوئتى
    لو حاولت اكتب عريبى على انجليزى الكلام هيطلع مقلوب

    يعنى وحاجات كتير تانية عايزين لها حل فعلاً

    وبما ان مايكروسوفت - كتر خيرها - عملت مركز ابحاث فى القاهرة
    والمبرمجين والباححثين اللى شغالين فى المركز مصريين
    اعتقد ان دى فرصه مناسبة لنهم يشوفوا حلول للمشاكل الحقيقية
    مش مشكلة السرعة فى الكتابة

    Sunday, July 26, 2009 11:12 AM

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  • As a matter of fact, learning the Arabic keyboard is the best way to type in Arabic. You have full control of what you type and you don't have to shift your mindset to type in latin characters.

    Maren doesn't intend to totally replace the Arabic keyboard, its main purpose is to help users who have no access to an Arabic keyboard or users whose latin typing skills are much more evolved than their Arabic ones. In numerous cases those users don't have the time and/or energy to learn something new.

    Again using the Arabic keyboard is the best way to type in Arabic, but Maren makes it easier for some people to to participate in the generation of  Arabic content. Those people would have normally shied away from generating anything in Arabic (they would probably use Franco-Arabic) because it consumes a lot of their time and energy.

    Mostafa Ashour

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:25 PM
  • Both of you Mostafa and Linverno are right. the easiest way to write arabic is to learn using the arabic keyboard. it not that hard. Actually, after a week of chatting using arabic, I was able to chat easily in arabic. after a month I could write in arabic faster than writing in English.

    Maren could be useful for arabians who have computers without aracic keyboard. this is the only case.

    I hope we can spend our time in more valuable projects. like Arabic Text_2_Speach, Arabic search engines, ...etc.

    Mohamed Shoukry
    Monday, August 3, 2009 2:51 PM
  • Hello Guys:
    I think you are making a good point, consider Maren to be the possiblities that will unlock once you know how to type in arabic,
     i have learned to type in Arabic using a program called Croisoft Arabic Typing Tutor availabe at and i'm proud i did, learning always needs some dedication and patience, and more than all instead of adapting your self in a twisted way like how to implement haraket, learning to type in arabic using a program would probably be more flexible and much easier once you learn the basics.

    I would love to contribute to a major Arabic Project: Arabic Speech Recognition, text to speech, speech to text...
    Best Regards 
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009 8:23 PM