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    It's probably the case elsewhere, but the SharePoint 2010 - General Questions and Answers has recently been plagued with dozens of spam messages each day, advertising American football, European Football, Rugby, (for a time, the Olympics), and other sporting events. The messages are characterized by abusive use of HTML and bizarre use of characters (letters and punctuation).

    Example: spam thread

    I try to flag as many as I can, and during the day they seem to get flagged by others as well. I just spent a few minutes and flagged all I could for the first 6 pages and then gave up and came here.

    Like I said, this isn't probably exclusive to the SP2010 forum and it's probably happening elsewhere. Usually the forum becomes unusable in the middle of the day due to the volume of spam.

    Is there anything else we can do to minimize this from happening? 

    Jason Warren
    Infrastructure Architect

    Saturday, August 25, 2012 2:13 AM