Syncronizing Network Server and Backup Drive RRS feed

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  • Need help sync'ing between a network drive and my backup iomega hard drive connected to my local PC.
    1. Only says 'checking...' and runs through all folders, etc. No files/folders synced. Folders are 5-6 deep on server. Is that a problem?
    2. It stops at exceptions. Can I get it to go all the way through w/o asking me to hit ok so I don't have to babysit it?

    what I'm doing...
    (this is my first sync between the server and an empty folder)
    - Iomega 1TB backup drive is connected by usb to my pc. I am also connected to the server.
    - Left folder I selected from the network drive (selected folder is high level, with 5-6 folder levels below it)
    - Right folder is my iomega 1TB backup drive (blank drive...only has the folders I created so that I could sync to them w/ synctoy.
    - I hit run in syncronize mode (I tried contribute also...same result)
    - It seems to be sync'ing but the bottom status line says 'checking...' as it runs through the content of the network drive.
    - It stops 3-4 times saying 'exception...' I hit ok and it continues
    - Finally it finishes, but it has '0' for synced files.
    thanks, JZ

    Saturday, December 20, 2008 4:12 PM