Does Publishing or Unpublishing duplicate detection rules created new records? RRS feed

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  • Hello Friends,

    Some info about my CRM system: MS CRM 2011 (IFD) with update rollup 8

    We had too many duplicate contacts so this afternoon we decided to generate a deduplication job with custom rules as deduplication jobs with the standard rule were bringing up potential duplicates that had the same email but the First Name and Last Name was different, so we unpublished the standard “Contacts with Same Email Address” rule and enabled a custom rule to satisfy this criteria, however it failed as it exceeded 5000 limit, we then switched it back to the standard rule as these are obviously global rules.

    As soon as we published the standard rule again, this created almost 100+ of duplicate contacts in the system. I checked if this was being created my any other process but the time on which the contacts were created, there was no other process running. The only process I could see in the system jobs which could have triggered this action of creating new contacts was the "Publish" or "Unpublish" of the duplicate detection rule. 

    Has anybody else experienced this issue? Can somebody put some light as to why this could have happened?

    I really appreciate your suggestion on this

    Thanks and Regards,



    Friday, January 31, 2014 3:21 PM

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  • I've never seen this or heard of this before.  What does the "Created By" and "Created On" fields of these 100+ contact records say? Could it be coincidental that someone else or some other job created these?  An import?
    Friday, January 31, 2014 5:24 PM