cloning Dual-Boot system (Win 7 and Xp) on Panasonic CF-19mk3 with LogiCube, CloneCard Pro, Panasonic adapter RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    because i am allmost a novice, i need help.

    I would like to clone the hdd from y panasonic cf-19 mk3 - which is dual installed - win 7 and xp prof - both 32bit.

    I found out, that there is a adapter fom panasonic, which allows to leave the hdd in the caddy.

    The duplicators LogiCube Plus or LogiCube Plus-NG could handle a PCIMCIA adapter (CloneCard Pro) which is used to make a copy from the internal hdd - without taking it out.

    But i guess, there are a lot of problems to do so.

    I remember, that there was something about Win 7:  can only copy the first partition - or something like that.

    Also, there could be a problem with XP ! - about using Win PE pre-installed envirement - or so.

    So i guess - it's allmost impossible....    Or not?

    There are afew programs, which are only running under Win 7 - otherwise, i would NEVER use Win 7......

    Years ago, I tried it do do with acronis - i stopped - don't understand anything...

    I told them about my dual-system - they only gave me an advice, to search on there sites - about Win PE...

    So, i stopped - until now - it's 4 years ago - i am standing on the same point...

    And:  i guess, my hdd will leave me alone in the next month....  many bad sectors......

    Does someone know about my situation?????

    Kind Regards

    Wednesday, March 28, 2018 10:19 PM