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  • I have a Polycom CX700 from beta testing which identifies itself in update audit logs as Microsoft CPE DV3 unit. It gets the path to the update image:

    ..."Microsoft","CPE","DV3","ENU",cpe.nbt;1.0.522.101;22.07.2008 19:08:28,http://ocsr2.hq.xxxxx.xx/DeviceUpdateFiles_Int/UCPhone/Microsoft/CPE/DV3/ENU/3.5.6907.0/CPE/CPE.nbt;3.5.6907.0;16.12.2008 04:43:58

    It does not try to download the update (which can be reached both with http and https).

    The client log says:

    notifyStartCB() server = ocsr2.hq.xxxxxx.xx
    notifyStartCB() uri = /RequestHandler/ucdevice.upx
    notifyStartCB() port = 443
    notifyBuildRequestCB() hContext = 42ba0
    GetGuardblockInfo: Starting
    GetGuardblockInfo: Succes.
    getTimestamp() found active block with verMajor(1), verMinor(0), verBuild(522), verQfe(101)
    notifySendRequestCB() hContext = 42ba0, dwError = 0, dwStatus = 200, dwLength = 0
    receiveManifestCB() hContext = 42ba0, dwCount = 1.
    findFileIndex() index = 0, lpwzFileName = cpe.nbt, pInfo[i].lpwzFilename = CPE.nbt
    isServerImageValid() 3.5.6907.0 timestamp 2008-12-16T04:43:58
    GetGuardblockInfo: Starting
    GetGuardblockInfo: Succes.
    isServerImageValid() found inactive block 3.5.6907.0 with timestamp 2008-12-16T04:43:58
    isServerImageValid() returning FALSE
    receiveManifestCB() no updates available.
    cleanup() hContext = 42ba0
    scheduleNextUpdate() hContext = 42ba0 interval = 86400000

    It seems the device does not like the new firmware.

    Any idea?


    Johann Deutinger | MCTS Exchange 2007 / OCS 2007
    Tuesday, March 24, 2009 4:31 PM