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  • HI I am totally new and very un-savvy about my computer usage. I have a little bit of know how and decided to give the live one care a try. I have comcast service and am pleased with the speed of use with getting where I need to go online and have been marginally happy to the best of my knowlege with the norton anti virus, phishing, spyware and etc that comes with being a comcast customer.  but... I had to make a decision about norton and it being on my computer and running when live one care came along. It required that I delete norton's program alltogether to fully utilize the live one care service. So I did and then realized that live one care is not free (accept for 90 days) and then it goes to i think 50 bucks. But I am very poor and just paying my comcast and having the free norton was a good thing. So here is the question. Is live one care that much better than norton anti everything? 


    I like the windows line of product to a point. But I already have windows as my suite for everything practially that I do on my computer. Why not charge nothing and include it with your software that I bought already. But that is not the question. that is just a thought. you can answer it if you have a good answer. I am interested in knowing how live one care stacks up to norton anti virus, anti phishing, spyware etc. the norton that is INcluded with comcast customer service pack. How is it. and why should i buy it after my 90 days is up.

    i am very curious. thanks for listening and I appreciate your response.

    good day


    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 4:28 AM


  • The comparison of OneCare to Norton (or any other security product) is similar to the discussion of which is better, PC or Mac. It comes down to personal preference. I personally dislike Norton products and have for a long time. I like OneCare, but there are facets of it that make me crazy. :-)

    OneCare will stop being sold in June 2009 - Announcement 11-18-08 - and the replacement antimalware product is slated to be free. It won't include everything else that OneCare has and we don't know if there will be replacements for these functions.




    Tuesday, November 25, 2008 2:37 PM