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    our site is over 10 years old, has many high quality links, and no content problems or use of suspicious tactics. we having high rankings in yahoo and google, but absolutely no indexing in msn since last year... how come?




    Friday, January 9, 2009 9:42 PM


  • Have you set the site up in the webmaster tools?  What does it report - is it blocked or are there any crawling issues?


    Assuming that it is not blocked and there are no crawling issues, I too find it odd that it doesn't turn up in Live searches.


    I searched on "web design new york", "new york web designer", "new york web designers" and even "hotdigital" "hotdigital.net" and www.hotdigital.net.  I couldn't find your website in the first 300 results returned for any of these terms.  Even with only one page indexed I would expect it to be in the results for "hotdigital" searches.


    Having said that, it strikes me that there is still some more work to do in optimizing it.  9 or 10 backlinks is all that Google and Live listed for your website and this is not "many".


    There is not a lot of content on the website, and many of the "natural" keywords one would expect - web design, web designers, etc - do not appear often, if at all on a number of pages.


    ... Duane

    Saturday, January 10, 2009 3:42 AM