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    When trying to see what files were placed in Quarantine get an error message and no files are displayed.  However, I do know that it notified me that unwanted software was found and asked me what to do and I asked it to place in Quarantine.  I also would like to know why it doesnt pick up on items immediently instead of when it scans.  If I have to wait for scan, the harm could have already been done to my system.  Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
    Thursday, November 6, 2008 2:55 PM


  • Is the error "unknown error..."? If so see the following for a possible solution:

    Possible fix for Quarantine "unknown error" -



    OneCare's protection for malware scanning is in 3 parts.

    1. On access - which means that every file opened or loaded into memory and any script or code that executes is scanned before being allowed to execute. If the file is infected, it is blocked and action taken. If the action is deemed to be known malware behavior, it is blocked.

    2. Quick Scan - the most common locations for malware are scanned daily. This happens at a scheduled time or immediately after the PC starts if that time has passed.

    3. Full scan - during Tune-up or manually executed. This scans the entire local drive for infections except those files or folders that have been added to the exclude list in settings.


    Two reasons why an infection can be found after the fact, during a full scan or even a quick scan.

    1. The infection is in an email attachment that you did not try to open, but threw to deleted items or junk mail, but still resides in the mail store on the PC. The infected file is dormant until you execute it, and then it would have been blocked.

    2. The infection is a new type that was not recognized by the on access protection originally, but after a regular signature update, the scanner now sees this infection and can take action.



    Thursday, November 6, 2008 4:34 PM