How can I programmatically select a tab in a page within Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Administration.ObjectModel.PageProvider? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I've created a multi-tab WHS 2011 add-in using the WSS SDK (using the "WSS Top-Level tab with Two Subtabs" wizard as a starter).  Development is going well but I'm stumped on a seemingly simple task.  How can I programatically select one of the subtabs under my top level tab?

    I've derived my main class from Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.Administration.ObjectModel.PageProvider

       [ContainsCustomControl] // Required attribute for custom tabs
       public partial class MyTabPageProvider : PageProvider



    and I've overridden the CreatePages() member to create my three tabs which works fine

          protected override object CreatePages()
             // create sub-tabs under our main add-in tab (called when Dashboard is launched)

             mTabOne = new FirstSubTabPage();
             mTabTwo = new SecondSubTabPage();
             mTabThree = new ThirdSubTabPage();

             return (new object[] { mOne, mTwo, mThree });

    But now, I want to select one of the tabs and make it visable to the user.  This is pretty trivial using the WPF tabcontrol (just setting SelectedIndex will do the trick) but I don't see anything in the PageProvider to do the same.

    Any ideas how to select a child tab with the PageProvider object? 



    Friday, October 26, 2012 3:49 AM