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  • One very powerful feature in WWT is rendering a tour to video.  However, there are a few nuances to this functionality that are worth knowing about.

    • First open or create a New Tour using the Tour functionality.
    • Under the Guided Tours menu, select Render to Video
    • A dialog will appear with options. 
      • Render to frames is set up to render to image files.  I prefer to render frames to png files.  Simply browse to the location you would like the outputted frames to be saved.  Choose the folder and enter a filename such as OutputFrames.png. 
      • Be sure to add the extension .png (or .jpg or whatever output image file you’d like).
      • In the dialog, select the video resolution or select Custom to change the resolution defaults.
      • Two checkbox options allow for further tweaking:
      • Dome Master if you are planning to produce a video for playback in a Dome setting
      • Wait for all downloads –checking this option essentially ensures the each frame will load with full fidelity (highest detail) before writing the frame and moving on to the next.  I highly recommend checking this option.   
    • Next open your video editor (such as Windows Movie Maker) and import all the images outputted from the Tour Rendering. 
    • When played back in your video editor, you should see the frames aligned in sequence such that the playback is seamless.  (If each frame plays too long, you may need to adjust/reduce the duration of the frame to make the playback smooth depending on your video editor.)
    • Export/save your video in your preferred video format.   

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  • This feature is very useful in quite some cases. E.g. to play at locations without Internet access and no pre-cached/transferred content. Or to add the tour as a movie to a playlist. It also allows to create a smooth show even if the computer is not able to render the content at full frame rate.

    Some things I found out while testing the feature:

    1. In a tour that moves between planets in the SolarSystem mode, a planet is only shown at the end camera point of a slide.
    When coverting this tour into image files, the end camera point is not converted and as a result, the planet is not shown.
    Adding a short extra slide brings back the fame containing the planet. Maybe there is a problem when counting the frames (starting from 0 or 1?)

    2. Images are not saved to file when selecting the Dome Master option without enabling Full Dome mode in WWT. The progress bar though shows all is working fine. As there is no error message, it takes a bit to figure out the problem.

    3. The background of the Dome Master images is white. I suppose black is a better option.

    None of these issues are showstoppers.

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