WHSv1 Rebooted & Froze. Not Bsod And Nothing In Event Viewer RRS feed

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  • last night I noticed that my server wasn't showing up. actually I didn't even notice the console icon greyed out till after.  I run all my torrents from the server and use utorrents web ui to monitor them.  anyway I checked on them around five or so and all was well.  checked on them around eight and couldn't connect to the web ui.  that will happen if utorrent is closed on the server (which it shouldn't have been).  btw all legal, virus free torrents.

    anyway that is when I noticed the console icon greyed out.  I couldn't connect, couldn't remote desktop, couldn't access the shared files, and couldn't ping!  the server is sitting right next to me and it's running.  so I connect my monitor and it's stuck on the "press control-alt-delete to login" (whatever it says), not bsod.  so for some reason it just rebooted and froze!

    I connect my keyboard and mouse and it's completely frozen.  had to press reset on the tower to reboot.  took two tries but it booted up just fine after that.  so I immediately looked at event viewer and saw nothing out of the ordinary.  I have the machine set to bsod instead of reboot and again there was no bsod.  I took a look at the logs and nothing jumped out at me though I'm not sure what to look for.

    I installed the toolkit as well.  toolkit said "The version of the Connector software does not match the version of Windows Home Server".  I followed the directions and installed it again from the software folder and it says the same thing when running it again.  don't think this has anything to do with it cause I would still be able to remote desktop, ping and access shared folders over the network regardless of the console.  again just rebooted and froze!

    this has happened a few times since I built it in may but I thought it was power issues (from storms/spikes not psu).  so I got a ups and replaced the psu for good measure.  this is the first time it's happened since.  the ups software does not indicate that anything happened with the power (and it does when there are spikes or outages).

    not sure why this happened!  I fix computers and always suspect hardware but no bsod and nothing in event viewer are making me think otherwise.  fwi all drives are healthy according to smart.

    there were some event errors from clamav from last week but not last night.  I uninstalled anyway.  other addins I'm using are

    disk management
    advanced admin control
    event view
    home server smart
    perfect disk

    I get some event warnings related to disk management but not last night.  I also get prefib warnings from time to time as well but again not last night .

    I'm about to build a similar server for a friend and can not afford for him to have similar issues.
    Saturday, September 10, 2011 1:34 PM