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    1-  the idea came in my mind by the paper sold in book markets which you see in it a picture from side but you see another picture other side

    i think  because there is vertical lines that is of glass shaped like this  VVVVVVVVVV and a zig-zag two pictures merged a line from one attached to a line from the another picture hense from right P.o.v angle you will see the left horizental lines but not the left lines near. and vise versa.

    this idea need to be exploited to extract from it this hologramic ideas 

      So you can do a vertical a micro small  screen lens in the first layer but there is spaces between  a lot of them and second layer of another lens and then you can see the back lens of vertical screens and then you can watch a really 3D person on that champer QUBE of screens 

    all I did is saying you dont have to see a pictue from a one body screen you can see it by a thousands of lines screens with spaces between them and in the spaces you put the deep of the pictue so to make a room of  strip screens  

    another derivated of the same paper :

    you can make a screen that is so high definition and make a moving glass that is fractioning\breaking the light so you can see a part of the screen from the glass board but another picture of part of the screen from another angle (in easy wards: to distripute the picture in the glasses and the )

    2- a spining transperant screen :

    the   tv idea was

    not important bla bla bla ...   jump after that

    resterizeing a picture {scaning a picture points (just like a worm eat a leave)} then the picture points will be line data of the points ........................ then again distrepute the points on the screen IN A WAY THAT FAST DISTREPUTE MAKE THE EYE SEES THE PICTUE and that need an minimal pit rate refresh the electricity cells .the video games which the resterizing technique was from 3d picture alraeady in the harddisk  -maked by leniar algebra 3 variants equations- but (just like to cut the 3d  with knife ) and you got 2d picture from . that resterizing (from 3d to 2d) called directx rendering.


    so we can by a sound or lazer read all the destances of all the points of a 3d object by  HENSE NOT JUST TO CUPTURE THE POINTS BUT ALSO THE DISTANSE DATA FOR EACH OF THEM

    a special camera that will rotate and do that around the sense (just like MRI) and then procsess the date to leniar algebra data (i think the 3d camera is exist and used to film the 3d movies nowdays and 360 cam is also invented and used by google maps & the same  MRI algoritm to process the data )

    then to use the same  rendring cutting method used by computer games to cut the 3d picture to 2d frames     .......but now comes the new thing ... , ..

    to put that data to  a transpernat fast spinning  screen  that this speed  (frame rate) make a 3d object seen in the human eye

    means that the screen shows the frames one by one

    3-making a net (explaned after)

    4 halazoon tech qube algoritm (details after):updating a special  nxnxn net from one point out of it. to reach all the point in from one point out. that qube techneqe  example is to supply a light which breaks from screen until get to point the we need in the 3d nxnxn net champer and stops at a desired point  and lit it (use Function to update all the points from the first point by changing the power and angle  )

    its in simple wards to ask you to throw a ball from your place and it reflect by the walls around and then it stops in a place where you asked frequenly shaked by narrow two wall and stuck there.

    5-three light  :explanasion down)

    7-by water

    8-by lazer with sand 

    9-by fog

    10-by understanding the mind code for changing the picture  that is taken from the eye and change the data directly in the mind language by putting  interface in a device attached to the head

    11-by using the light moving in the dark makes a shapes :   

    Friday, September 14, 2012 7:57 PM

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  • 11- lazer and fog : in the x position lazers and a sand points jumps by a wind > you know the lazer is transperant or the red infra but when reaches a sand it appear

    upper term explanation:

    explaning the "halazon tech qube" term : is to make some point of a close qupe move in the middle without touching anything in just by one piont at the outer somthing similar is the billiard ball that telling you to make it reflected by the edges untill it freeze in one place or dropping a ball in a rupper nxnxn room and it make ping  pong  ping pong ...until in one place it still......... shaking but in the same point of  "space" between two ruppers.

    another example is somthing like the RUPIKS QUBE  that "solve" by short moves or reflexing ball of close glass and a light in it

    the RUPIKS QUBE is a machine that is updated from outside without touching the inside

    so it is a good example of the "halazon tech qube" algoritms

     these algoritms  must work in them by mathmaticans surly not me :9

    the difference algoritm term :(the halazom qupe but more common) to make an algoritm that 3 lights reach a point not directly but another point three lights not noise each other so like to make a cars go to 100 places but not crash algoritm.


    to solve the hologramic we just need to make transparent screen one after another


    all what i written is first creative "start" thougths 

    12-by the water came from holes and by reflecting bodies make from water a shapes -like you do with a spone- in a water room

    three light explanation  there must find a "one-side-pass substanse" or "one  angle p.o.v transperant phenomenom " :(like the window glass which in one way you see black but from inside you see everything outside . another example : the eyes color .see blue from outside but transparent from inside )(the sea: blue from far but transperant from inside ) (or a fog : if you close you see but when you far you see nothing.)

    and three lights one from x  one from y one from z meet in a point but a glass that has some position like vvvvvvvv but very small the one light of them get out of him but the three in one point reflects to the screen

    13- the x ray picture white in the dark like the famous angel neglece  : you know the Necklace that you see angel in a peice of glass that is a first line posision phenomenom thought which can use to make hologramic

    there will be a mirrors like V shape or some clever arragment only at the outer and the light reflexing to places by the mirrors with suitable logaritms  untell it finishes in one place 

    3- explanation of wires net champer  

       making a      n x n x n  net of sharp wires and there will be spaces between them there will be the light so in the spaces by electricity altered in some blaces light the space between  them and i thought to make that by differeent Resistance between them : 1 ohm 2 ohm so the electricity just chose the suitable point (the wires is sharp or  and so many that when you look you see math paper) 

    Sunday, September 16, 2012 7:39 PM
  • the light rainbow that has 7 colors hidden in one light and mirror extract  from it the the 7 colors but all of them is transperant .a "nature modulation" the same light every material reflect some part of it..... 

    to make that phenomenom step further is : [special color compenation sensetive]


    to make 3d  shapes hidden in one light  ,so to make a special room from glass like tilted thousand small mirrors every (mirror is differ angle of substance-that differnet velocity and kind of light make different  result  -so every glass unit is Unique ) (elsewhere the same glass mirror small units but different light velocety reflects differnet color or nothing) and that room is "so solid" hence not moving  

    and where to put the data(dynamic part)? in the waves that hid a sequence of compact lights in order some kind of modulation  that in one wave when it got out and hit by the small glass one by one it reflects what you need result in simple wards to inject the data of 3d picture in it

    for example about ""light modulation""  :

      in the first part of the wave  the 7 colors of light every single one with different power that this is a code recognize just by the first mirror then that part will affect only the first mirror and the second part of the wave the 7 colors of lights is differ and that will affect the second glass mirror and the others reflect it to null place etc ..      

    disadvantage -

    those idea are making hologramic picture seen just in one angle :so when see ahuman then you turn behind him you will not see his back !!!!  like the one above , the "garbage light" means the reflected light to null posiotion  is not hidden and you will see a noise lights from that side  

    two "start pen lines"  beginings - for physcs guys

    1) phylosophic: to index the spaces in vacuum : there is  we can put in every place a material to index every single pioint at the earth sapce or to find a way like the GPS by jyro (that is find any place by the speedof earth in that point and the angle of area  or by the magnetic feild if earth) then it will be easy to make a room of holographic by that "new physcs" cause if you can differ between two points at the real space you can use it to mark that points by that difference way"       

    more phylosophic :

    2) clever fog- not to find the physcs of spaces but to find the physcs code in the material & to control the fog material  sand and make from it a shape : means that every single fog molecular is moving by remote control data send ......movies !!!  

    its just a first of thoughts  :( all what I written Im not clever but maype some guy inspird by them

    Sunday, September 16, 2012 7:51 PM