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  • hi everyone,
    i'm new here to the forums, not to msn, we have had msn for about 10 years now, back to teh dial up days.
    i haven't used my hotmail much or did i know these forums were available, duh.
    i have been using outlook express on my windows xp pro, we recently got our service thru verizon fios, i'm rying to coordinate all my e mail address books, to no avail so far Sad
    does anyone know how i can get my old hotmail address book (different e mail address), my verizon address book & my addresses here into all the accounts? i have tried inporting & exporting & i was able to get the address book from my old hotmail account into the verizon account but my outlook mail does not go there (different issue, will ask later), i'm so confused. the verison account has a switch wizard, that was pretty easy but worthless cause my email is not going there.
    can anyone help me?
    i'm going to look around the forums, i am into crime forums, like court tv & usleuths & have benn involved in the discussions about trenton duckett, a 3 year old who has been missing for over a year from leesburg, florida. his mommie killed herself after he was missing for about 2 weeks & there is so much speculation about what happened & where he is. i also frequent delphi forums, the health one about hep c, which i have. i have done 48 weeks of chemical treatment for it & that did not work. i have made many friends there & we share our knowledge about the hep c.
    i live on the guilf coast of florida, only because we are trapped here, we bought a house in 2002 & after the 2 bad hurricane seasons, the insurance and taxes have gone so high that you can't sell a house here, no matter what price. foreclosures are abundant and more each day, we are stuck here, probably forever Sad
    we lived in tucson before this for 20 years & i would love to go back there. i was laid off from my decent job in may & have had no luck what so ever in finding a new one, we will probably end up in foreclosure before long, we only had so much savings & that's about gone now. i take each day as it comes, if i were to look at the whole picture i would probably go jump off the sunshine skyway bridge.
    so anyway, that's it in a nutshell about me, nice to meet anyone who reads this!

    Thursday, October 25, 2007 6:12 PM

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