Is this forum for loosers RRS feed

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  • Well the jury is out on that one.

    Being new to this forum and having posted two enquiries one regarding exp web 4 and one regarding exp web 3.

    My first experience re. exp web 4 was hopeful, being replied to by a helpful guy who works at Microsoft, it seems it was a bug being worked on but with a work around. Hats off - a quick and productive response, no complaints there then.

    My second experience however, that's a different matter, I am developing some php code and using exp web 3 as my development environment as this version boasts support for same, having found an annoying anomaly in the way the dev server miss handles file uploads and after my good experience before I thought I would post a query.

    Sadly the only response I got was from some guy either not interested or had not read or understood the query, but had a footnote winging about abbreviations used to reference ms exp 3!

    I've no doubt the guy concerned will read this item, and to you mate I can only say one thing - Get a life!

    If you ain't wanting to, or can't help then mind your own, and leave the queries open for those who can and are willing to help.

    Busy people don't want bogging down by time wasters.

    Friday, June 25, 2010 11:56 AM