Image import feature released on worldwidetelescope.org RRS feed

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  • Image Import has been added as a feature the WorldWide Telescope website.  This feature allows you to import an Astronomical Visual Metadata tagged image (AVM). The idea behind AVM is to allow visualizers to manipulate colors, add annotations etc. and maintain the description of that manipulation – e.g., original data location, color representation – so that subsequent people know how it was created and how to interpret it. For WWT, coordinates allow the image to be placed at the correct location on the Sky. Furthermore, you can use the Image Crossfader to crossfade the imported image against the Digital Sky Survey (DSS).

    There is a good list of AVM tagged images on the Virtual Astronomy Multimedia Project site (bottom of page) to try this feature out.   

    If an image does not have the AVM tagged already, you can specify the URL to an image and click the Edit button (pencil on paper icon) to add the relevant metadata. 

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    Monday, February 10, 2014 12:38 AM