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  • I typed out an huge message only for it to vanish...I have been working at this for hours now. Very frustrating!

    I lost a couple of power supplies over the last few years. The first one went out about 3 years ago, which caused me to lose a hard drive. I ordered one through a computer repair person in town. I installed it myself, then loaded my own disk I made for a backup. I never had a "coa" disk. I have had to call MS about one of my other computers when I lost a hard drive in my laptop to get new key numbers for my office program. I had lost the numbers when I moved...and had no problem getting a fix for it. This on the other hand is costing me hours of time that could be spent doing my last paper for my degree.
    I don't like having this black screen....not when everything I have done is legit. I understand piracy is an issue, but that has to be a more convenient way...I have read all of your messages and even went as far as running my PK in the address bar to see if it popped up like you suggested in a post here somewhere...it did not. Crazy thing is, I downloaded the GA a long time ago (or so it seems it was a long time ago) and never got a bad message until today! I ran it again...sent emails, tried calling, etc, and haven't gotten a response...so I am here reading some more.

    All my updates have either been through the college or MS updates...heck, I don't even buy cp games anymore. do I just keep calling an hope to get a person, or a response to my emails I sent in the correction field which I had no idea how to sort out, being I never recieve disks with my computer I had to create my own backups. Someone on another board suggested calling MS and asking for my number to be fixed? Or added...


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