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  • 11/29/11

    Suddenly, almost everything I see on the internet and all of my Excel documents have morphed into italics.  I know that the internet stuff isn't supposed to be italics because I write for an online news outlet and published an article.  It was all in italics on my computer and, when it was published, it, as well as all articles, were italicized.

    I have another computer.  When I look at stuff on that computer, even the stuff I wrote, which was in italics on this computer, was not italicized on the other computer. 

    As mentioned, my Excel documents suddenly self italicized as well.  Word documents are the way I left them.  They're OK.

    I use both IE and Firefox for browsers.  I was using Chrome as well, but that had too many problems to be worth keeping.

    I use a hybrid 32/64 bit version of Windows 7, Home Premium.  I have 5.75 usable GB of RAM.  The processor is an AMD Phenom II X4 2.80 GHz.

    The computer is an HP p6620f.  The computer has SP1.

    I don't want to send anyone on the wrong trail, but this seems to have started when I downloaded and joined Netflix.  Maybe has absolutely nothing to do with it.

    I click on the "I" in text boxes, such as this one, and the text remains italicized whether the "I" is highlighted or not.

    The only real troubleshooting I've done is to go to the Fonts folder in the CP and click on Set to Default Font.  It did nothing.

    To sum up: The internet and Excel has suddenly become italicized without explanation.

    Thanks in advance.

    Michael Bonanno

    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 11:08 PM