"General Discussion" almost always an error RRS feed

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  • When an OP marks a post as "General Discussion" rather than "Ask a question" it is almost always an error, and there is no way (AFAICT) for anybody other than a moderator to change it.

    Do we really need General Discussion items? Many posters are new to the forums, and the large number of features can be bewildering, especially for non-native English speakers. Same as with Propose as answer by the OP -- we got rid of that because it was almost universally misunderstood, and therefore misused.

    Or would it be possible to only post General Discussion items after some minimum number of other posts? Or even a way for the OP to change the General Discussion designation when used in error.

    [I tend to use General Discussion in the Bugs and Suggestions forums, but I could certainly live without it, even there.]

    David Wilkinson | Visual C++ MVP
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