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    Re: Want to be Genuine, not paying $149 to do so
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     KTeague wrote:

    The business bore the cost of repackaging and restocking the item because it created customer loyality. In the end, keeping customers happy, even us overly demanding ones, created more income for them than enforcing a hard line on returns. That was the point I was attempting to get at when reffering to Apple. There are choices out there, and if manage to convice half a dozen people to buy a Mac instead of a Windows based PC, that could be a net loss over trying to reach a compromise with me to keep me from being actively dissatissfied.


    Please do not threaten on this public forum. Your posting is now locked due to violations of the Terms of Use for this public forum.


    The price of the WGA kit is very discounted ($149 for XP Pro, $99 for XP Home) - and is non-negotiable.




    Humm Phil Liu MSFT  have you heard of CHURN?. This is something that big businesses are very concerned about. In the current situation over MS validation processes you would do well to research this area of concern for businesses and not add to the problem with a heavy handed response like this one to KTeague. You are posting to a public forum where many people are able to read the postings. Reading your response has the potential to turn even more disgruntled users away.

    It would seem from your response that you did not read the following paragraph also authoured by KTeague in the same post:-

    Quote There can be a danger for a company to think that they're so big and unassailable that they don't have to be mindful of the customer. A friend recently pointed me to an article describing how even MS thinks Vista could be the last OS of its kind. Future ones will be web based and companies like Google have a big head start in that area. Creating a little good will now with the people who have been bitten by this validation tool might go a long way in the future to keeping MS on top. Unquote

    KTeague has a very valid point to make. Although KTeague did not make the specific point that MS could end up in the same situation as other businesses. There are businesses that have lost so many customers they have been forced to close for business. Principally because they did not take into account that ultimately the customer can and does vote with their feet.

    Please note this is a comment based on fact and not a threat.



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