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    May I apologise for what may sound a basic knowledge question about One Care but something is kind of unclear , actually two.

    First is about the one care circle: My wife uses her laptop and we do not have the same windows live ID. Today I am trying the live one care and it seems very helpfull with network and printer sharing that is why i wish to install it on my wifes laptop. For the instalation I understand that we will need my Windows live ID for the same windows live subscription. Does this mean that for all the update and her laptop update I will have to make hers.

    Second is about the log in. Does windows live one protection are still active even when I am not loged on windows live one care?


    That is pretty all , in advance thank you...


    Thursday, May 29, 2008 2:50 PM


  • No need to apologize. These are good questions.

    When you activate a OneCare subscription, that creates a billing account that is tied to the LiveID used to create the subscription. You then need to use this same LiveID for all subsequent activations. Using OneCare with that LiveID on your wife's PC has no impact on anything other than the status of OneCare and OneCare functionality. She would use her LiveID for anything she uses it for today - except for OneCare.

    You don't log into OneCare. OneCare runs as a service for the protection and as a program for features and the interface. Once you have provided the LiveID to subscribe, you will only need to provide it again for things such as updating the backup plan or promoting a PC to hub status - and for reinstalling and reaching support. When your PC is powered up, OneCare protection is active before any user is logged in.



    Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:44 PM