We how should convert a dvd file become mp3, mp4, mpeg, wmv, Or other video file RRS feed

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    My article is divided into two parts.

    part 1:AVAide numeral's turning video frequency software is the software that a kind of

    video frequency document and audio frequency document convert mutually, and the effect be

    very nice Can solve annoyance that you broadcast different format.

    part 2:AVAide video frequency software to mp3, mp4, mpeg, wmv.Etc., any video frequency

    documents all can convert mutually.

    It is easy-to-use and the converting speed is fast! After testing, all formats conversions

    work well, the output audio and image quality is excellent! Let's view the steps.


    1. First,Download new edition AVAide dvd to mp4, and install it. You can download about it

    by referrring here. we to introduce a dvd to mp4 softwares, other softwares are also this

    kind of operations, for the sake of the convenient customer.With mp4 is give examples

    introduction. http://www.avaide.com/download/avaidedvdtomp4.exe

    2. The dvd to circulated you the mp4 conversion softwares, add a dvd document in the

    appointed place, currently convert dvd document.The player that is on the right side in

    can broadcast you of Source document.Can establish time of beginning and be over time

    while broadcast, BTongue Tiedtart, E:be over.

    3.The preparation started convert after complete, below have a target document address,

    can choose you of address.There is an arrowhead button, after click get into the nether
     a conversion

    4. It Will hint after complete information, end an operation, you can using oneself
    create of mp3 documents.Thank you of browse.



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    Monday, April 21, 2008 2:26 AM

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