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  • Greetings to all!

    Give fire a few questions ..

    installation of this miracle is successful .. but after he was removed ..

    the second set also set up a number of mistakes in which one has to ...

    1) Check-Setting Global Federation Federation : Disabled (whether to correct this error?)

    2) WMI Class MSFT_SIPGlobalFederationSetting - EnableRouteToEnterpriseEdge (Boolean) : False (whether to correct this error?)

    3) Check Global Phone Usages - Warning : One or more phone usages are not assigned to any route or VOIP policy (whether to correct this error?)

    4) Check Pool Archiving Setting - AD search filter for archiving enabled hosted user : (& (msRTCSIP-PrimaryHomeServer LC = CN = Services, CN = Microsoft, CN = live, CN = Pools, CN = RTC Service, CN = Microsoft, CN = System, DC = domain, DC = line) (| (msRTCSIP-ArchivingEnabled : 1.2.840.113556.1.4.803 : = 2) (msRTCSIP-ArchivingEnabled : 1.2.840.113556.1. 4.803 : = 4)))
    Archiving enabled hosted user exists : False
    Error : Pool level CDR setting is not consistent with global CDR setting. Global level CDR is Enabled but pool level CDR is Disabled. Please enable or disable CDR at both locations. (this is a mystery!!!!)

    5) Internal Server sippool. domen.line - DNS Resolution succeeded :
    TLS connect succeeded :
    Routing trust check and MTLS connectivity : outgoing TLS negotiation failed; HRESULT =- 2146893022
    Suggested Resolution : Routing trust check and / or MTLS connection establishment failed.
    This is usually caused by the remote server not accepting the certificate presented by the
    current machine. Check the local and remote server certificates for any
    misconfiguration. In addition, check whether the local server is recognized
    as a trusted server by the remote server.
    (Here things are so interesting, was to remove the pool OLCS (sippool. domen.line) inactivation of this miracle happen without mistakes and now log on confusing me prichinal vylazit historical significance as they clean?)

    6) Internal Server sippool. domen.line - DNS Resolution succeeded :
    TLS connect failed due to incorrect remote subject name : Error Code : 0x80090322 outgoing TLS negotiation failed; HRESULT =- 2146893022
    (I will not get lost! ! ! what? where and how!)

    7) Attempting to login using Kerberos user - Maximum hops : 2
    Failed to register user : User sip : @ user@domen.line Server
    Failed to send SIP request : Connecting unknown, because After the computer had rejected the request to connect
    Suggested Resolution : Make sure that the server is listening on the specified IP address / Port / Transport. If you have a firewall make sure that this port is open. Make sure that the server is running. This can be ignored if you have not enabled the transport on the target server. (The same goes konekt why?)

    The same (Attempting to login user using NTLM)

    8) Check two-party IM-Check two-party IM : Skipped due to user registration failure

    9) Test Conference-Error : Conference servers or pools are not specified. Please disable client auto-logon and specify valid conference servers or pools for both users.
    c and Napo ledok certificates does not take comunicator. ! ! !

    I will be very much appreciated in my explanations are not finalized.
    At Russian forum asked because no one has given me a response-pity!
    Tuesday, August 21, 2007 9:32 AM