Check if group is member of local administrator group if not write remediation script to add them RRS feed

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  • I'm working to create a CI in SCCM to discover if a group is a member of the local administrators group. Then add a remediation script to the CI to add the user to the local administrators group.  I believe my issue is the script portion.  Am I going in the right direction?

    Discovery Script




    $members|foreach{$_.GetType().InvokeMember("Name",'GetProperty',$null,$_,$null)}) -contains"GROUPNAME"









    Remediation Script


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  • You could use something like this:

    $group = Get-WmiObject Win32_Group -Filter "SID='S-1-5-32-544'"
    $admin = @()
    Get-WmiObject Win32_GroupUser|? {$_.groupcomponent -like '*"'+$group.name+'"'}|Select-Object -ExpandProperty partcomponent|ForEach-Object{
        $_ -match ".+Domain\=(.+)\,Name\=(.+)$"|Out-Null
        $admin += (($matches[1].trim('"') + “\” + $matches[2].trim('"')))
    if($admin -notcontains 'Domain\UserOrGroup'){
        net localgroup $group.Name Domain\UserOrGroup /add

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