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  • Is it possible to use the command line install tool to create a CRM4 database, but NOT install any of the CRM files? i.e. run the CRM install on the SQL server, and just create the OU's database.


    I'm thinking of a scenario where we are deploying to a web farm with a shared SQL database. I need to create the database first, and then deploy each of the CRM (web) servers with a <Database create="false" update="true/> option.


    But how do I create the database first. How do I do this?




    Tuesday, January 22, 2008 1:35 PM


  • Dear Paul,


    I am afraid as to create first Dabase , but you can see command line details on CRM implementation guide.



    Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server

    The following command will install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server:


    SetupServer.exe [/Q] [/InstallAlways] [/L [drive:][[path] logfilename.log]] [/config [drive:] [[path] configfilename.xml]]


    SetupServer.exe for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server is located in the root of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server installation disk or download-files location.



    Used without parameters, Setup will install with all display screens.



    Quiet mode installation. This parameter requires a configuration file in XML format. The /config parameter contains the name of the XML configuration file. No dialog boxes or error messages will appear on the display screen. To capture error message information, include the log file parameter (/L).


    This parameter forces Setup to ignore the installation state and operate in install mode. When you use this parameter, Setup will try to install on a server where Microsoft Dynamics CRM is already installed.


    Requires a configuration file in XML format specified by the /config parameter. Displays installation progress bars and all error messages.

    /L [drive:][[path] logfilename.log]]

    Creates a log file of installation activity. You can specify the file name of the log file and where to put it. If you do not specify a name or location, a log file will be created in the Drive:\Documents and Settings\\UserName\Application Data\Microsoft\MSCRM\Logs folder, where UserName is the account name of the user running Setup. The following options are available:

    /LV  Log verbose.

    /L*   Log all information except verbose.

    /L*V Log all information including verbose.

    /config [drive:] [[path] configfilename.xml]]

    The /config parameter uses the specified XML configuration file to provide Setup with the additional information to complete installation successfully. An example XML configuration file is discussed in the following section.


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    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 6:15 AM