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    1) Pocket IE - Allow a web-site to request the location of the device.        Obviously Pocket IE would need to throw up a confirmation prompt to allow the user to allow/disallow this.   The GPS intermediate driver could be used for this, with a small inbuilt ActiveX.    This would be a great addition as more devices come out with GPS's inbuilt and let web site designers really factor in location.


    2) Provide a generic API (managed) for barcode/RFID readers.   I'm fed up with having to write difference code for Symbol, Intermec, Psion etc...


    3) Pocket IE - Allow in pocket IE, an html input box to be marked that you wish for a barcode to be dropped into that field (and tell the device to switch barcode reader on for that page).   This would open up a tonne of field service applications that traditionally have to be developed as an application running on the device.


    4) Let SQL Compact, be able to synchronise the clock of the device on replication.


    5) Allow for a silent install of cab files.  I don't like prompting end users for where to install cab, etc.


    6) Tidy up cab installer,  I hate that all the confirmation is on the bottom of the screen apart from last prompt, which is an OK top right.


    7) Tidy up the network setup stuff.   The days of modems and ISP settings are over.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 7:55 PM

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    8) Pocket IE support for Vcard, VCAL mime type.


    9) Pocket IE - ability to assign favourites to speed dials


    10) Pocket IE - hints on input controls to switch on SIP


    11) Pocket IE - allow controls to have a regex mask on input, i.e a textbox that allows numerics only  etc.


    12) Make Windows Mobile a Sideshow device when docked, or even on LAN.


    13) Silverlight mobile plugin,  maybe I'm asking too much ?


    14) Beef up GPS intermediate driver.   Allow control panel to auto find hardware port of GPS device.   Provice a simpler way for end users connecting GPS.    End users don't know what a com port is!.  Don't let OEM's disable this feature.


    15) Alarm clock - give an option to set for one instance only.


    16) Ability to switch off pin/password lock   when in car/handfree bluetooth profile.   This would save road accidents!


    17) Oh go on, (blast from the past)  make IRDA able to be able to control my hifi, part of the base hardware spec. :-)


    18) Put a device into clock radio mode.   I remember the original SPOT demo.   Surely when the alarm goes off in the morning, you could display schedule for the day etc.   Have you seen the Chumby project?


    19) RSS support - and an RSS screen saver.


    20) Support for Sidebar gadgets - new today screen.


    21) Provide the ability to add geo-encoded location information from GPS intermediate driver when taking a picture using onboard camera.  i.e embedd EXIF tags into all WM mobile photos.


    22) Pocket IE - allow file upload control to work, in HTML.   This would be great for uploading photos to blogs etc.


    23) Pocket IE - provide a control to provide picking a photo, and uploading (similar to above), but designed just for photo video upload.




    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 8:13 PM

    23) Make it standard that a WM device can be a HID bluetooth controller.   I.e let a phone be a powerpoint controller for a P.C


    24) Provide support to hook upto network projectors.


    25) Support USB host control, so USB keys and hard disks can be plugged in.   Think of the music/video playing potential.


    26) Windows Live Barcode!!!  QR codes,  we need you...   + some standard (managed) API for near field communication.


    27) Let active-sync/Windows Mobile Sync centre - support device camera's as if they were webcams.


    28) Let active-sync/Windows Mobile Sync centre - support device GPS's as if they were serial/USB attached GPS devices.




    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 8:22 PM

    fed up counting now.


    * Add the ability to send location (from GPS intermediate driver), to an email recipiant.   i.e send a link to a live map substituting co-ordinates into query string.   This would be a great advert for virtual earth too.


    * Support alarms and custom actions (calling a web-page, running and app) when a user leaves or enters a geo-fence.   Users can setup their own geo-fences.


    * Make device a UPNP music/video source.


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 8:30 PM
  •  Icevan wrote:


    * Add the ability to send location (from GPS intermediate driver), to an email recipiant.   i.e send a link to a live map substituting co-ordinates into query string.   This would be a great advert for virtual earth too.


    I like this ... great suggestion!

    Thursday, September 20, 2007 2:06 AM
  • A build-in alarm clock is pretty good idea, now I had to make one by myself. The current one is quite horrible, I along many prefer to be able to set a time, and next time that time comes up, ringing starts.

    Thursday, September 20, 2007 5:47 AM