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  • Hi there.

    I am a MFC developer, and have a bit taste of vc++.Net applications. The task i want to do in .net form bassed application is to communicate with MS. Outlook 2007 and get the contacts from outlook to display in some controll over the form.
    I'v read a little about #import and COM etc. but really dont know which is the rightr direction to proceed the study for this issue.
    Can someone guide me that which technique is available for such type of applications, and what shuld i study to do such works in VC++ .Net 2005 / 2008.  Can anyone refer some tutorial or Docs?

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  • Hello Merhan,

    have a look here:



    For Outlook 2007 I would use the Table-Object of the Contact MAPIFolder to get faster access to the Items.

    However - if you programm in C++ - it's not too hard to use Extended MAPI to access those Items using the native API instead.

    This is much faster and don't showing security warnings.

    If you plan to use the Outlook Object Model, you need to import the Outlook.tlb into your Project or add a reference to the Microsoft Outlook 12.0 Object Library.

    Right Click on your MFC Project and the references you need. However - I would prefer using extended MAPI in that scenario.
    For further questions it's better to ask in a Forum more specific to c++ programming and no VSTO.

    Hope this gives you a start.

    Greets - Helmut
    Helmut Obertanner [http://www.x4u.de] [http://www.outlooksharp.de]
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 6:10 AM
  • Hello Sir.

    My task was to get outlook contacts in MFC. So i used the following documentation and got my outlook 2007 application in my own mfc exe.


    Here, I can invoke the outlook.exe and creat and save a CONTACT Item, mail item... etc.

    But i want to VIEW all the contact items saved in OUTLOOK. Can you please help me the classes and APIs available for this purpose?
    Here is a sample code to save a new Contact.

      CApplication olApp;
       COleException e;
       if(!olApp.CreateDispatch(L"Outlook.Application", &e)) {
          CString str;
          str.Format(L"CreateDispatch() failed w/error 0x%08lx", e.m_sc);
          AfxMessageBox(str, MB_SETFOREGROUND);
       CContactItem  olItem(olApp.CreateItem(2));
       olItem.AddPicture(L"C:\\Documents and Settings\\Mehran\\Desktop\\090330114134_14.jpg");
       olItem.put_FirstName(L"Test Name");

    I want to get all my contacts in MFC. Can anyone help me Please?

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009 2:51 PM
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    And I'll find the entry of the newsgroup in following post:
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