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  • Hello,

    I frequently visit two forums: Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) and Claims-based Access Platform (CBA), Codenamed "Geneva" (CBA).

    On the ILM Forum I can start a new Question/Discussion and the post is automatically categorized in the right forum. No issues there.

    On the CBA Forum I cannot start a new Question/Discussion; I am asked to categorize my Question within the right Forum Category, but going through the list of Forums and sub-forums the CBA Forum is nowhere to be found.

    I asked others on the forum if they have this issue and was told that 'Geneva' is in the list somewhere... Still I cannot discover it. So I cannot categorize my question and therefor am at a loss (or I need to post in the wrong forum)

    I found out that this category list is language dependant, if you choose another language the Forum Category list changes.

    Nevertheless, I use English/US software (Vista, IE8) and even the language selection dropdown within the Forum shows 'United States (English).

    What might be the cause of this?

    It is currenlty very annoying as I cannot participate at the CBA Forum.

    For your information, I had no issue starting a question in this particular forum, and again the question was automatically categorized properly for me...


    Danny Alvares, Technical Solutions Architect IAM
    Monday, June 29, 2009 10:33 PM