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  • While I realize the Windows Home Server is geared towards the OEM or knowledgeable home user, that does not mean that attempts to imrpove the user experience should not be made. A perfect example:


    Loading Mass Storage Drivers is a pain in the *** in Windows Server. Many machines no longer have floppy drives making it all but impossible to load onto machines using RAID or uncommon controllers. The effort involved in slipstreaming is far greater than it should be.


    What makes no sense to me is that Windows Home Server prompts you for drivers during the WinPE setup to load the drives to be prepared. How difficult would it have been to copy the selected drivers over to the system drive during creation?


    The benefits are two-fold:

    1) Drivers accessible from USB, CDROM, etc. can be loaded onto the system during the WinPE portion of install.

    2) Users are not confused by a 7B STOP message. Users who have installed drivers during the initial step have a reasonable expectation that the drivers should have been taken are of.



    Sunday, August 12, 2007 9:34 AM