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  • Hi there..

    we have successfully registered our team for the 'Multipoint for education' industry project..
    our ground work about the project idea (what our educational app would do.. and how it would work..) is over..

    we are now wondering over the following things..
    • The project details page says that only 2 teams will be finally selected to work on this project.. but it does not tell anything about the point/stage when this selection will  be done.. so will the selection of 2 teams be done after screening of the 'project idea' and 'project SRS' (to be submitted by 28th feb 2008) and only the selected will work form that point on to the completion of the project??  -----OR----- are all registered teams supposed to work on their ideas till completion and then only the best 2 get selected for awards/real-world deployment.....??

    • what format are we supposed to submit the project idea?? the 'download template page' currently has a template titled 'project idea document template' but that is more of a sample than a specific template and neither does it convey the idea very effectively. ALSO is it sufficient to upload 'project SRS' based upon the conceptualization of the project idea.. or are we supposed to include the detailed design in the SRS (.. we are currently getting fimiliar with the MultipointSDK and expect the detailed design to be finalised sometime in March (..which is after the date for submitting the SRS)
    Any help....??
    Thanks in advance

    PS: Our team is pursuing multipoint for education project seriously and clear information related to this project will be of immense help..
    Saturday, February 16, 2008 1:18 PM

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  • Hi ratnesh ..,
       Mee too doing the same Industry Project !! 5 Teams Will be selected For Doing Project after the Project IDEA and SRS valuation .,,.,, From 5 , 2 teams will be selected !!

    And Regarding The FORMAT , they didnt provide any template !! But in academic projects you have some Templates for Project idea and SRS ,,, you can refer those and Create Similar things !!

    Sunday, February 17, 2008 5:49 AM