Using Stunnware FetchXML query to retrieve attributes from many to many entity relation ? RRS feed

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  • Hi everybody,


    That may sound idiot, but i have an issue that i know have already been posted on the web. Well the things is, i've looked everywhere but i couldn't get a real answer.

    Here is my issue : i need to use Stunnware FetchXML to build a query to retrieve some informations (attributes) from a many to many entity relation.

    I have 2 entities connected by a N:N relationship in my CRM 4.0 and all i need is the XML code to querry and retrieve the informations i want and use it in my configuration file.

    Can anywone tell me if this is supported by Stunnware FetchXML query or not ? if yes how can i do that 'cause i've been trying but seems like it's not working...and if not, does anywone know a work around with th Stunnware FetchXML or another XML query builder  something like this maybe : N:N = N:1 + 1:N ?

    Thankx in advance, any approach or idea will be much appreciated.


    Monday, June 6, 2011 1:31 PM


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