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  • Surely we aren't the only company like this..  My AD domain is different than my email domain (lets call them domain1.com and domain2.com).  We are in the process of installing Exchange 2007 and OC 2007.  We have tried several different scenarios to get everything to work seamlessly.  So far, there is always a glitch. 


    Currently, we have our correct email addresses in the email fileld in AD (user@domain2.com).  I created a SIP domain to match our email domain and that is how we log into OC (user@domain2.com).  That works well and we do not get Outlook integration errors (obviously they match) and presence works.  However, when you do a search in the OC 2007 client, it apparently uses LDAP and returns the user profile (user@domain1.com).  So, you see the user, but presence is not working because it is using the wrong SIP account (AD versus real email/SIP).


    It seems to me that if OC would return the email rather than the AD user we would be set.  Unfortunately, it returns the AD user profile.  If we set everything to use our AD domain, we get Outlook integration errors because our email domain is different (we need the correct email address in AD).  I have even tried the group policy that says ignore this constraint.


    Any ideas out there?  We are new to this, but I think we have worked through the hard part with certificates, etc..



    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 7:00 PM

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  • Your integration errors are not related to email or sip or even the UPN

    Is your Exchange Profile the default profile that integrates with OCS client?


    Can you give the correct error you see for the integration errors?




    Wednesday, October 31, 2007 12:01 PM