MS MONEY - Monthly budget shows Income under "uncategorized income" - but the list items are in categories? RRS feed

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  • Dear Support - 

    When I view my monthly report I get an income category titled "Uncategorzed Income". When I list the items in this category they are all assigned a category. How do I get them to show up as line items in my monthly report?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016 7:39 PM

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  • This isn't support.  Microsoft no longer supports any version of MS Money.  This is a group of users who voluntarily offer assistance based on their experience.

    Which version of Money are you using?

    Wednesday, March 2, 2016 8:14 PM
  • Are you maybe looking at the "Income and Spending Comparison" report?  When strange items appear in a report as "Uncategorized", look to see if these are associated with a split transaction.  Money will (with a warning) allow split entries that are categorized but don't contribute to the value of the transaction.  For example, you can set up a split as:

    groceries 40.00

    household 10.00

    and have the total transaction be $10.00.  Money will warn you that $40 is "unassigned", but it will enter the transaction.  Then when you run a report, it will show $40.00 income as "Income - unassigned".

    This can easily happen if you download credit card transactions and a prior transaction with the same vendor had a split.  Money will populate the split on the new transaction.  It warns you that the split may not be appropriate, but if you accept the downloaded transaction with out correcting the split you may have these strange "Uncategorized" items.

    Bill Becker

    Thursday, March 3, 2016 2:38 AM