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  • Hi All,

    Have you heard this one?:   I have tried every possible resource online to install, configure, capture, deploy, network boot, you name it in regards to windows deployment over DHCP from 1 server with WDS or MDT and have had no luck both finding the correct answers that work or getting it to work on my own.  Granted i did not set up the DHCP or DNS roles on my server and had to start from scratch a few times but geeeez. 

    Heres where im at:

    I Installed and properly configured ADDS, DHCP,DNS and WDS on Server 2008.  Opened and closed the ports for DHCP and WDS to play nice.  Set up a dummy AD forest cuz i dont want to deploy through my Domain; just in a lab.  Never once could i boot to my boot.wim through DHCP or talk to my server through a switch at all.  (I tried a few different switches)  All of the directions for creating a winpe boot cd were incomplete...i had to combine three different sets of instructions to get a working disk.  Thanks Microsoft for giving us these great tools that only work well with AD in a DNS structure on a domain from India.  Ever hear of a Lab????  p.s. put imagex in the winpe boot structure so after the fifth time i commit a mount after adding it....and its not there.....i wont want to CTRL-ALT-Delete you.

    Anyway.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am attempting to deploy through a network boot from 1 Server 2008 (not on the domain) to say 10 laptops at a time through a gigabit switch.  I successfully used tftpd to deploy XP forever ago. Might have to plug a winpe boot into that and cross my fingers.

    Frustrated with Microsoft Knowledgebase WOW even the supplied help documentation didnt produce results.  Sad

    Thursday, August 16, 2012 1:23 AM


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