What Causes "StreetsOlkShim.exe" to Run & How Do I Stop It? RRS feed

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  • This file is part of Streets Trips 2013.  I am running it with Win 8.1 x64.

    Almost daily, I see a popup that informs me that this file has stopped running.  Fine -- I do not know why it would be running at all. S&T is not open. It does not start at boot but is triggered  by something after the system is up and running for a while.  I have reviewed the Start-up tab in "Task Manager", checked in "Services"  and "Scheduled Tasks" and cannot find anything.  I do find an "Application Error" in "Event Viewer" but the message does not show me what causes the file to start.

    This issue  does not appear to cause any problems with the system, just the note that disappears with a click.  The issue is also not new.  During my searches, I found complaints about this version as well as prior versions of S&T experiencing the same issue.

    The only answer I found is on "Microsoft Answers" but it  is a non-answer because it tells the customer how to perform a clean boot and does not address the problem.  This is not a boot issue and does not happen every time  the system is running.

    Also, what is this file supposed to do?


    Sunday, June 22, 2014 7:51 PM