Set "From" field for an email activity while creating Quick Campaigns RRS feed

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  • Hello Gurus,

    I would like to know if it is possible in CRM 2013 to change the sender of an email, the "From" field?

    What we are trying to achieve is not to introduce Queue or New Mailbox (separate user) to Send Specific emails to a Static or Dynamic Marketing List. Also, Sender could be different for Different marketing lists, like dept head of each service group.

    So, we are thinking instead introducing a mailbox we could use the Secondary email of the User in the From Field automatically or atleast he or she could change the From field. But changing From field requires additional security setup may be, not explored that and may not be feasible because of Security Complications.

    I can see Admin has rights to change the From field not Normal Access rights users.

    So, we would like to do is User A has a primary email field, he logs into CRM using windows security against AD so he has not to worry about logging in logging out. Now, his primary email is "abc@abc.com" but when he creates quick campaign email activity the From field should show his secondary email like "no-reply@abc.com" and recipient should see sender as "no-reply@abc.com"

    Is it possible to change the From field to Secondary email of that user while creating only Quick Create email campaigns not regular emails. Regarding will be set to the Quick campaigns, so no worries. Can it be done without Plugin and with minimal security changes or introducing a new role (Additional Security Changes)

    Please help me pointing to any blogs or sample code or some idea that could be implemented to do so.

    Thank you for looking into my post.

    Puneet Joshi - Dynamics CRM Developer

    Wednesday, December 7, 2016 8:54 PM