windows media sharing turns off every reboot RRS feed

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    Hi there;

    Hoping somebody can help me out with this. I am pretty literate on computers and this has me baffled completely.  My media sharing keeps getting turned off everytime I reboot my system.  I no longer use CD's.  I buy 'em and burn them into the computer than just stream everything to my x-box.  So this has become quite a hassle as I have just inherited two step-sons and they keep hosing my system trying to get stuff working when they run into this problem when I am not home.  You know kids, no matter how many times you tell them or show them, they are not paying attention, so please....no advice on instructing the boys on what to do.  Thanks  :)  Covered that one!, LOL.  But, not having the answer and searching numerous forums and not findig that exact problem has led me here.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody help me before this causes anymore complications in my home.  Thanks and Cheers!
    AJ Evans
    Monday, September 15, 2008 10:20 PM