Logic : Any one please explain how the changes in client database uploaded to server .. RRS feed

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  • I understand that the new syn session started the new anchor value will be stored in client database and act as upper bound  to track the changes...

    I have seen two __sysInsertTxBsn ,__sysUpdateTxBsn was created while dowloading schema..  ?

    Could you please any one explain the relation of nerw anchor value with thease fields ?

    Where new anchr  will be stored in client database ?

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  • Hi Mathi,

    These two values are not related. One is for the server side tracking and the other two are for the client side tracking. The new anchor comes from the server and is stored on the client in another metadata table. During next sync the stored anchor from server side is sent back to the server to get new changes. The __sysInsertTxBsn and __sysUpdateTxBsn are columns created on the user table to track changes made to the table on the client database. When a row is inserted the __sysInsertTxBsn value is set and whenever the row is updated the __sysUpdateTxBsn value is updated. These column values are used to figure out what rows need to be sent to the server.




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