weird error: "Title text is not unique enough" RRS feed

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  • Hi,
    I'm trying to install WLW on my friends machine (XP, SP3, IE8, WLW latest from writer.live.com). On my machine when I'm adding his blog (which is running on Wordpress 2.8.5) Everything works great. I see the theme, text editing works great.
    On his machine, the whole process of adding his blog to WLW works, but the process finishes, I don't see any graphics or CSS. In preview mode I don't see no graphics and no CSS.

    I checked the log. I saw something interesting which I can't find any mention on it with Google or Bing: Title text is not unique enough (I didn't know that WLW passes critiques on titles :) )

    Here's the full log. It's short.

    WindowsLiveWriter,3480,None,00007,12-Nov-2009 22:43:20.908,"Error occurred while downloading weblog style: System.ArgumentException: Title text is not unique enough to use for style detection
       ב-  WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Detection.RecentPostRegionLocatorStrategy.PrepareRegions(IProgressHost progress)
       ב-  WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Detection.BlogEditingTemplateDetector.GetBlogTemplateFiles(IProgressHost progress, BlogPostRegionLocatorStrategy regionLocatorStrategy, BlogEditingTemplateStrategy[] templateStrategies, BlogEditingTemplateType[] templateTypes)
       ב-  WindowsLive.Writer.BlogClient.Detection.BlogEditingTemplateDetector.DetectTemplates(IProgressHost progress, BlogEditingTemplateType[] targetTemplateTypes, BlogEditingTemplateStrategy[] templateStrategies)",""

    The blog itself is located here: http://efratc.info

    I have also checked the "blogtemplates" directory. I dragged the index.htm and index[1].htm to IE8 to see if there are any issues, but there aren't. It looked perfectly OK.

    Any suggestions?
    Thursday, November 12, 2009 8:59 PM