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  • Cal,

    Thank you for all of your generous help on this thread.  Unfortunately I'm not sure how to solve the problem that I am experiencing after having read this thread.

    I had MS Money 2001 Deluxe loaded on an XP machine.  I successfully loaded it onto a new machine running Windows 7 64 bit.

    I am able to restore several years of data using the backed up data extensions  .MNY  However, the current year has the extension .MBF   It won't allow me to restore the file. 

    I much prefer not to upgrade to a newer version of MS Money.  Seems to me MS made each subsequent MS Money version worst than the year before.  They should have stayed with MS Money 1.0v IMHO.

    Any help would be much appreciated.  Please break it down for me, as I have a hard time understanding computer lingo and techniques.

    Thank you

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  • I presume you are in the US.

    The *.mny files are produced by every version of Microsoft Money that I am familiar with. They are your Money files. All versions of Money from this millennium produce *.mbf files by default. Those are Money Backup Files.

    I would copy the *.mny file from your old XP machine's hard drive, and copy that to the documents folder of your Money 2001 Deluxe of your new machine. Open that file. What happens.

    Now if your old drive failed, and you cannot get files from it, and you have only the *.mbf file, then in Microsoft Money 2001 Deluxe, do File->Restore and Browse to your *.mbf file. When it asks where to restore it to, Browse to your Documents folder on the new machine and pick a new name such as Tsnamigo.mny to use as the new filename. If you just type Tsnamigo then Money will add the .mny extension.  Do not use the default remembered name/location, because that location may not even exist on the new computer.

    If you get an error during this process, what is the actual error message?

    Monday, September 22, 2014 3:41 PM