Windows Live Mail multiple problem after Win10 rollback RRS feed

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  • My Live Mail is a mess since reverting to Windows 7.  

    Items in Junk Mail cannot be deleted via the Empty this folder button.  New junk can only be deleted one by one directly in the folder, the remainder (that were in pre-rollback, not at all - I just get An unknown error has occurred).

    The number of emails in folders were doubled with blank duplicates - Message cannot be found (The contents of this message cannot be found).  These have the titles of their 'parent' message.

    I can live with these and other irritations.

    However, the most serious problem relates to sending/receiving mail.  Sent mail gets added to the Outbox but doesn't go until I close down and restart the computer and reopen Live Mail.  If I'm lucky, ONE message will be sent, the first one, and after that they pile up in the Outbox.  Clicking the Send/Receive button doesn't work.  This opens the dialogue box and says I am not connected when I am and the status under Tasks tab says Executing.  Nothing is actually being executed until I restart the computer!  If I close Live Mail and try and reopen it the programme doesn't open - just this stupid dialogue box comes up.  So back to restarting.

    I also get a Recovering the Live Mail database when I open the programme, something that didn't happen before.

    This may be the wrong Forum but having gone through the options, I can't find one for this issue

    Tuesday, December 1, 2015 9:25 AM