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  • I just installed WHS PP3 on my server. I updated the connector on all connected computers. All indications are that the updates went OK.
    Several months ago we did get a connector update (before PP3) which was supposed to improve the way low resolution NetBooks (1024x600) were handled. While that was an improvement, it was a poor solution. Now that PP3 is out and I remember that it was supposed to improve the way low resolution netwooks are handled, I see no difference from the pre-PP3 update we got months ago:

    • I have 5 clients listed in Computers and Backup. Most of the screen is empty. Yet, when I select a client, any client, even the one at the top of the list, the display is scrolled up and the button toolbar is now out of view. I can either scroll down after selecting a client or I can use the right-click menu. But why the scroll? I do not have enough computers listed to show a scrollbar to begin with.
    • The program window is still sized so that it extends down behind the Windows 7 taskbar (using small icons). With 10 computers being present in the Computers and Backup list there is still plenty of empty space to make the window smaller. The other tabs could get scrollbars if needed to handle their display.

    As for PP3 and Windows 7, I see that the Music and Photos folders on my server were added to the respective libraries automatically. So that "promise" worked. How about the backup? Just like others who posted here, I am still nagged by the Action Center that my backup is not yet configured even though the WHS performs its backup function normally.

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  • Regarding the Action Center prompt about backups: that should be fixed. If you've tried rebooting your client computer and you're still being nagged, I'd say you should submit a bug on Connect .

    As for the display of the console on low resolution screens, the "improvement" in Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 is the same as the earlier patch, just rolled into the Power Pack so everyone will have it.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Sunday, November 29, 2009 5:27 PM