Onecare really is a PAIN in the HEE HAW RRS feed

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  • You notice how microsoft always makes programs that interfere with the USER!

    Between them and Hewlett Pachard I have spent the last three weeks trying to get my computer to to function on some sembalance of operation.

    I had to reinstall all of the Compaq disks and windows XP and remove all the JUNK HP puts on there and then run the upgrade assitant and uninstall all the JUNK HP put on there.

    And my Wireless connection was working great until I reinstalled ONECARE, and then BOOM it was an unknown network and BLOCKED and I had to fight onecare to get it working again!!!!

    That 24/7 *** istant is really a peice of junk, and I always give them the frown face and leave  em a message about their JUNK!!!

    Basically I have found that Microsoft and ONECARE and Hewlett Pachard ALL just want to control all of the computer operation and make us PEONS pay them more money, so they can line their pockets and control every aspect of computing!!!

    What they really want is for you to use one of their internet storage sites, so they can PULL it out of your WALLETT



    Tuesday, January 29, 2008 7:47 AM

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  • When you install OneCare, you need to configure the OneCare firewall to identify the network type - "Home or Work" or "Public" - the default is Public.

    I can't comment on HP, except to agree that they subsidize the price of the computer by installing a whole bunch of "crapware" on the computer that you really don't need. OneCare/Microsoft would like for you to use the new online photo backup functionality at additional cost, but it is not even pushed hard at you, so I don't agree with that point.

    If you wish to use OneCare, Microsoft has designed it to make it easy to secure your PC. Of course, there are times when this isn't easy, as you found with the network connect.

    I agree that Instant Help and accessing support is a pain.


    Tuesday, January 29, 2008 1:52 PM