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  • Hi,

    System: P-IV 2.66 Ghz, HDD 40 GB, RAM 512 MB

    OS: Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, Mandrak Linux 10


    My problem is with Windows XP OS, particularly Automatic Update feature. I was working on it fine for about 2 years without enabling automatic update feature. recently i installed windows installer 3.1 and dot net framework 2.0 still working fine. these i have to install because i need to install Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition. on installation i ask for recent windows updates, so i have to enable automatic updates. on first update it ask for restart the system, i do so, it shows welcome screen only, and not icon and user name, which it does previously when automatic updates are not implemented. I haven't created password for user so i just need to click over icon to proceed.

    Then automatic update again downloaded some updates and installed in background and again it ask to restart system. which i does again. Now this time welcome screen comes up and icon and user name appears, but when i click over icon to proceed, it ask password [which is never created] on pressing Enter key is gives error message some thing like "The programe issued a command but the command length is incorrect".

    How can any system ask for password which is never created.


    I am got struck. Though i can access my windows xp files by booting with windows 2000 OS


    Thursday, April 12, 2007 6:57 AM