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    Recently I upgraded my system from window  XP SP2 to SP3.

    The client side application code has JScript that makes use of MSXML3
    Something like this :

    var xslDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.FreeThreadedDOMDocument");
    xslDoc.async = false;
    xslDoc.resolveExternals = false;

     //create the xslt processor.
     var xslt = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XSLTemplate");
     xslt.stylesheet = xslDoc;

    You can see above I have set resolveExternals to false, however the xls file (gridRendererColumnLayout.xsl) I have used as my stylesheet make reference to some other .xls file  using <xls:include > syntax

    The part of my gridRendererColumnLayout.xsl looks something like this

      <xsl:include href="common.xsl"/>
      <xsl:include href="descriptor.xsl"/> originalAttribute="href" originalAttribute="href" originalPath="common.xsl"/>
      <xsl:include href="descriptor.xsl"/> originalAttribute="href" originalPath=""descriptor.xsl"/>"

    Prior to windows  XP SP3 security patch upgrade my application was working properly without any issue however post upgrade to SR 3 some security updates got installed because of which my application is not working properly.

    When I searched through the net I found out that for MSXML version 3 , in order to reference external file we need to set resolveExternals to ‘true ‘so I modified my code by changing it to xslDoc.resolveExternals = true  and it worked fine.

    Please can someone help in as to
    1] Why prior to security update even when the resolveExternals attribute was set to false the external reference was working fine and also the application?
    2] Why the application is currently working only when resolveExternals is set to ‘true’?

     Thanks for your help.


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