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    I administer two networks, one of which consists of about 100 XP machines. These were all supplied with OEM versions of XP pro, as they are physically identical, I use ghost to back up a default basic configuration of the machines. We also have a few identical laptops for which I also have a ghosted image. These images have been a great time saver when (for instance) a machine's hard disk failed recently. It may not be intirely necessary (as the machines are in several domains) but I use a new sid with each restored machine.

    All the machines are set to download security updates, but only install them, when someone with administrative privileges uses the machine. I am wondering if the ones that have been ghosted back will now start failing to update themselves automatically. AFAICT this seems to be the general effect of WGA?

    If this is the case, from now onwards Ghost is going to be useless or create a situation where one has to telephone Ms every time this happens?

    Situation 2

    I also administer a small workgroup of Dell machines. In the UK, Dell had the unforunate habit of supplying their machines to corporate users with XP home. I have bought XP pro for the three or four of the earlier machines and installed it over the top of the XP home. I have been informed that the Internet connected upgraded machines are failing the WGA, so will not be automatically updating themselves. In this case, I need a simple quick solution without blanking the disks and starting again with the pro version! It is sometimes difficult to explain why the machines need to be continually updated with security fixes, it is even more difficult to explain why installing one of these fixes is actually now preventing fixes being installed.

    There must be many Dell corporate users in this situation. XP home was a crazy choice for Dell (for corporate use).

    Thursday, June 8, 2006 2:04 AM


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