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  • I have read that some users will not be able to download their information financial information from their financial institution using MS Money after January 31st, 2011.  But, it doesn't refer to all users and is dependant on how that financial institution is set-up.  Our members download their information into a file and then upload it in MS Money, so it isn't an automated process, will that process continue? 

    Please help.


    Wednesday, January 12, 2011 6:22 PM

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  • CORRECTION...  If your members download an OFX file via a web site, there should be a change only for your Money Plus users, if I understand correctly. Those Money Plus users would need to change to Money Plus Deluxe Sunset. I don't know how long that download will be available, but I don't think Microsoft has commited to keeping that file available after the end of the month. So downlowd now, even if you do not install until later. For others, I don't expect  change in that aspect for most of your Microsoft Money users. Users of Money 2005 and Money 2007 should keep the Sunset install file available in case they want to reinstall.

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    While you were clear, at first I was thinking you were asking about a system where there was direct OFX download within Money. Since I had already written a reply to that question that you did not ask, I will keep that below.

    Direct OFX download within Money would continue to work, at least for many Money users. I think, but am not totally positive, Money Plus will stop the  automated direct downloads. I am confident that Money 2004 and before will continue to work. I think it probable downloads will continue for Money 2005 and Money 2006. Money 2007 I don't want to guess at this point.  Setting up new accounts will probably be impacted for Money 2004 and later, but new accounts in an FI that is already set up may be OK. http://www.microsoft.com/money/faq.mspx

    For those a little more motivated, some scripts will do the job for any version after Money 99, even with Money Plus Sunset. The PocketSense scripts are those that I am familiar with. If you are associated with a financial institution, that would seem really cool to support member's use with Money Plus Deluxe Sunset with the MoneySense or other scripts. At a minimum, you could provide the site information that the user would add to the sites.dat file.

    Consider this: with Money not being changed each year, your support efforts that go with annual changes go away. While helping users use the scripts would be harder, I would think that the members who actually do that might tend to retain their setup longer, and would be less likely to change FIs. Those who did not want to use scripts would still have Quicken as a good option.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011 7:31 PM
  • Dan,

    Not knowing whether Microsoft will even keep this forum going after Jan 31st, please know that I plan to keep my Blog http://microsoftmoneyoffline.wordpress.com/ going and invite you to point your users to it if you wish.  I have it solely as a resource; their is no advertising and I make nothing from it.   As Cal stated, having the PocketSense sites.dat file data would be most helpful - I would even be willing to sponsor instructional blog page(s) for other Money-friendly financial institutions (like I do for Fidelity and Schwab already as examples).   It is almost like hitting the GO button when Money did Online Statement updates, only now we invoke the scripts intead.

    You state however that "Our members download their information into a file and then upload it in MS Money, so it isn't an automated process, will that process continue?" which implies that you don't participate in the Online updates, but rather the OFX File import process which continues after January 31st, as that has / had nothing to do with the MSN servers, but as Cal states, users should atleast download the Sunset version and keep it on a CD or something in case they ever need to repair / reinstall their program.

    Dan (ameridan)

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    Wednesday, January 12, 2011 10:40 PM