There should be no achievement for proposing own posts as answers RRS feed

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  • One of the banes of my life as a Moderator are those people who insist on proposing their own posts as an answer the second they have posted them.

    I need to unpropose them; and then I edit then to tell them not to do it again. [There is a much lower quality threshold to proposing own posts as answers and so the information that a post has been proposed becomes meaningless if this is allowed)

    Now I see that you are encouraging this by giving people who propose their own posts as answer an Achievement.

    "Thank you for providing your first proposed answer. You have earned a bronze achievement."

    (This in a case where the guy had provide two posts in the forums and had proposed both of them *himself*)

    This is complete nonsense. Of course it's a far too easy achievement and is needlessly encouraging people to start willy-nilly proposing other people's posts (without bothering too much about the quality of them) just to get this "Achievement", but even that is nothing with giving them the award for self-proposing.

    Mike Walsh

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    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 7:11 AM


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