Is there a Windows 2008 64 BIT 2GB per thread RAM limitation? RRS feed

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  • I've been performance testing a graphics rendering program - NewTek Lightwave on a 4 node cluster.
    There are (3) dual-socket quad core-servers, 4GB RAM (8 cores each)
    (1) dual-socket quad-core server 8GB RAM (8 cores)
    (1) quad-socket quad-core server 16GB RAM (16 cores)
    All are 64 Bit windows 2008 running HPCC 2008.

    I've configured the software to start 1 thread per core for a series of tests to see how much RAM is being used.
    If I submit a job using 4 cores to an 8 core node, it will consume all the available  4 or 8 GB RAM.
    If I submit a job using 2 cores, it will consume 4GB of RAM (all the RAM on a server is 4GB, 50% on a server with 8GB)
    If if submit a job using 1 core, it will consume 2GB of RAM.
    I have verified the same is true on the 16 core server.
    I can use all the RAM of course, but submitting more threads - all the RAM is accessible, but it hits a 2GB/thread ceiling and I am performance testing to find the sweet spot for how much RAM/thread is ideal and came across this behavior.

    I am looking to determine what is limiting the RAM to 2GB per thread, is it something in the hardware, something in the OS or something in the application?

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  • I may have my own awnser.  The lightwave application is a 32bit application running on 64bit hardware, so that is likely where the 2GB performance limitation is being introduced.

    Also this link to Memory Limits for Windows Releases (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa366778.aspx#memory_limits).  Potentially I can set the IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE to allow 4GB, if it is not the 32 bit app limiting the RAM to 2GB.
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