Slow file index update via DLNA using WHS RRS feed

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  • When I try to stream video (DivX or MP4) from the WHS the index (list of available files) displayed on the remote device updates at a rate of about 5 files a second.  Doing the same thing from a dedicated NAS (Intel SS4200-E running EMC's Linux) with the same set of files updates at hundreds of files a second.  The WHS hardware is a home built system using an Intel i5-750 with 8GB of system memory and an external SAS 16TB RAID6 array for media storage.  In one test I use a Samsung Charge Android phone as the media client (for example.  The problem seems to exist on all my DLNA systems (XBOX-360, PS3, etc.)).  When I access the WHS video folder I can see "wmpnetwk.exe" (Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service) is using 8-25% of the CPU while the file list is being updated on my remote device.  Once a file is selected and playback begins there is no discernable CPU usage on the WHS.

      The problem occurs whether I am accessing a folder with 10 files (say 10GB of DivX) or a folder with 2,000 files (over 4TB); the list of available files updates at something like 5 titles a second.  I suspect there is some way to cache the index to address the problem, but I haven't found either a discussion of how to do this or a reference in the documentation.

      Note that once a file is selected for streaming there is no significant delay, no lag, no glitches.  In the case of the Samsung Charge I am using a dedicated wireless access point from as few as ten feet away, I see no indication this is a network related problem, the problem appears to be in the way the WHS creates the file list.  My other DLNA systems are attached via a wired Gigabit Ethernet network from server to client.

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    Tuesday, August 30, 2011 5:45 PM